Electric Bikes (E-Bikes) for Sale

Powered by electric motors, e-bikes can help riders carry persistent high speeds and tackle steep hills with ease, making way for the future of alternative electric transport.

With our growing range of e-bikes, Urban E-Riders is the main stockist of Cyrusher electric assisted e-bikes, with a mass range of electric bikes ready to purchase now.

Cut down on expenses and gear up for the e-bike life today.

Different Types of E-Bikes

There are many different types of electric bicycles to choose from to suit all your cycling necessities. Our folding e-bikes range offers maximum portability, and for a perfect all-terrain option, our durable mountain e-bikes are ready to ride. Whether speed or style is your cycling essential, our road e-bikes can be the answer to your uphill struggles whilst our fashionable step-through e-bikes can offer effortless speed and sleekness.

Whatever your urban e-bike requirements, we’ll find the e-bike most suitable for you.

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