Electric Bikes on the Cycle to Work Scheme


Urban E-Riders has partnered up with two sustainable schemes: Cyclescheme and Bike2Work. Through working with these two beneficial ride-to-work schemes, we can help our customers get their dream electric bike at potentially a quarter of the price through your employer to help promote eco-efforts in the workplace.

Cyclescheme and Bike2Work are great ways to get a brand-new e-bike that costs significantly less than your average purchase.

With Cyclescheme, get an e-bike with monthly payments subsidised by your employer – meaning no tax to pay!

Whereas with the Bike2Work scheme, you can have a new electric bike as part of a free-employee benefit scheme approved by the UK government to incentivise cycling to work.

Save on an electric bike with Cyclescheme

Save between 25% and 39% on your new bike and accessories with Cyclescheme

Did you know you can get an electric bike without having to save up the money to purchase it outright? Thanks to Cyclescheme, an employee benefit which can save you between 25% and 39% off your next bike, you pay nothing upfront, and your employer takes the payments directly from your gross salary.

You can choose any e-bike and pair it with accessories to find the perfect package. With many employers offering no upper limit on the certificate value, Cyclescheme is the perfect and affordable way for you to own your dream electric bike on a cycle-to-work scheme.

How to Apply for Cyclescheme with Urban E-Riders

Applying for Cyclescheme through Urban E-Riders is an affordable way to acquire an e-bike with extra benefits.

Follow these simple steps to kickstart your journey towards cycling bliss:

  1. Choose your dream E-bike: Browse through our selection of top-quality electric bikes on our website. Find the perfect match that suits your style and needs.
  2. Apply for Cyclescheme: Use the registration button on our Cyclescheme page and complete the application process. Make sure to provide all the necessary details accurately.
  3. Get your certificate: Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a certificate from Cyclescheme confirming your eligibility and the value of your chosen bike package.
  4. Email your certificate: With Urban E-Riders, the next step is easy. Simply email your Cyclescheme certificate to Urban E-Riders ([email protected]). Our dedicated team will swiftly process your order and guide you through the rest of the steps.
  5. Enjoy your new ride: Once everything is sorted, get ready to hit the road in style! Your brand-new e-bike from Urban E-Riders will be delivered promptly, ready to elevate your commuting and leisure experiences.

Remember, cycling not only benefits your health and the environment but also adds a dash of adventure to your daily work routine. So, why wait? Apply for Cyclescheme today with Urban E-Riders and pedal your way to a greener, healthier lifestyle!

Cyclescheme FAQs

What is Cyclescheme?

Cyclescheme is a way of getting a new e-bike with affordable monthly payments, subsidised by your employer. The payments come directly from your gross salary, meaning you won’t have to pay tax, National Insurance, or interest for your new bike.

How does the Cyclescheme work?

Firstly, you must check that your employer is signed up for the Cyclescheme. If they are, for you to qualify for the cycle-to-work scheme, you will need to obtain a certificate to prove your eligibility. You can check your eligibility using the helpful calculator below.

Once you have established that your employer is signed up, you can place an order or ask us for a quote – as long as you have obtained your certificate.

Can I put my own money towards the e-bike?

You cannot add your own money towards the scheme as this is determined by the Department of Transportation clarify the entire order value must be included on your certificate.

What is the upper price limit of the e-bike that I can choose?

This ultimately sits with your employer, but most choose not to limit the order value with Cyclescheme. This means you can browse our entire range of e-bikes, and pair them with complimentary accessories. Please check with your employer for any order value limit before applying for your certificate.

How long does it take for my Cyclescheme certificate to be approved?

Once you have applied for your Certificate, the process typically takes between 3-14 days, depending on how quickly your employer processes the application. If you have an application in place, you can check the status via your Cyclescheme login.

How long do I have to pay the Cyclescheme?

The standard period for a Cyclescheme Certificate is 12 months, so you will make 12 monthly payments.

Is it cheaper to do the Cyclescheme than buy the bike outright?

Yes! Once completed, there is an End of Hire payment which will be a percentage of the total value of the e-bike, but the whole process will cost less than having to pay outright for the bike, plus it is spread across monthly payments that come directly from your salary.

Do you offer the Halfords Cycle-2-Work scheme?

We do not offer the Halford’s Cycle-2-work scheme as this is exclusive to the Halfords brand only.

How much can I save?

Use the Cyclescheme calculator to check how much you can save. If you’d like to request a certificate based off the generated quote, please follow the link :

What can I get?

You can pair your bike with a range of accessories that keep you cycling and
the wheels turning. There are some components that are not eligible on the scheme, which you find out about using the the link:


Save on an electric bike with Bike2Work


Get involved in a government-approved programme where any employee can benefit from huge savings on a brand-new electric bike. This free employee benefit was designed to get more people cycling to work and promote a healthier mode of transport for you and the planet.


The advantages given to employees don’t come at a cost to the business employer at all and in fact, assist in office morale through actively rewarding the reduction of carbon footprint.

Step-by-step Bike2Work Scheme ordering process


  1. First, make sure your employer is signed up and supportive of the Bike2Work Scheme.


  1. Whether you are in-store or online, the proceeding step is to let us know which bike you would like to choose based on the spending limit the company you are with provides.


  1. You then need to pass the quote to your employer for approval who will then submit it to the Bike2Work scheme. You’ll then receive a confirmation email when approved.


  1. After this time, your employer will then pay the cost of the bike and Bike2Work will additionally send a voucher to you.


  1. When you have received your order, you must send back a signed copy of the voucher to the official Bike2Work company for Bike2Work’s payment to fully go through.


  1. You should receive a Bike2Work issues payment through a transfer (or debit card) within seven to ten days after sending the signed voucher.


  1. Once your payment has been sent, your payment remittance will also be sent over for record-keeping.


  1. Your new bike is sorted! Enjoy embracing cycling to work knowing how much money you saved from your commute, and the expansive benefits the Bike2Work scheme can offer you.