Urban E-Riders FAQs


Are e-bikes legal?

In the UK, e-bikes are legal to use as long as they meet a certain criteria set by the UK Government. If you follow the same rules on the road normal cyclists do, e-bikes are perfectly legal to use in bike permitted areas.


What is the legal speed limit for e-bikes in the UK?

E-bikes are limited to maximum speed of 15.5mph in the UK. Discover how fast electric bikes go and how to choose the right electric bike for your speed requirements.


Is it cheating to ride an e-bike instead of a traditional bicycle?

You can easily combine manual pedalling with electric power, it only makes cycling more fun and enjoyable!

We believe that electric bikes help challenge you to go further – you can gear up for the work commute with double the capacity in power thanks to their hardy electric motor. If you’re looking to be more active than ever, an e-bike is key to revitalising your daily routine – from easier road cycling trips to longer offroad adventures, our e-bikes have you covered!


Can I ride an e-bike without a license?

Provided you meet the age requirement (14+), you do not require a license to ride an electric bike.


What is your returns policy like?

Our current refund and returns policy allows customers to return products within 14 days of purchase; provided the product and packaging are returned to Urban E-Riders in the same quality they arrived. If your product needs replacing due to damage or defectiveness, contact us about exchanging it for the same item at [email protected].

Additionally, damaged and faulty items will need to be queried during the initial 30-day period after purchasing – different brands of e-bikes will have different warranties.


What is your delivery like?

Your order from Urban E-Riders will be dispatched within 24 hours when in stock (with the exception of Saturday orders which will be dispatched on the Monday). We deliver to the UK Mainland with APC trackable services and free express delivery, which take 1-2 working days to deliver.

We will also ship to the UK Non-Mainland (i.e. Northern Ireland), however you will need to call or email us to discuss shipping costs if unclear.

Full delivery details can be found here.


What types of e-bikes do you sell?

We sell every type of e-bike, such as mountain e-bikes, step-through e-bikes, road-ebikes and folding e-bikes, all of which offer different features which make them beneficial to all types of cycling.

Whether you want to ride across muddy terrain with an off-road e-bike or tackle the work commute with a powerful road e-bike, we can help choose the best e-bike for your needs.


Can I get an e-bike on a Cycle to Work scheme with Urban E-Riders?

At Urban E-Riders, we currently offer e-bikes on the Cyclescheme and Bike-2-work scheme.


Learn about our Cyclescheme process and the Bike-2-work scheme


Get ready for e-bike adventures

Explore what you need to ride an electric bike with our helpful guide full of questions and answers to e-bike rules and requirements.


Discover what you need to ride an electric bike


Any more questions? Get in touch.

Drop us an email today or call at 0800 774 033 with any questions on e-bike requirements or our collection of e-bikes, and we’ll be happy to help assist you.